SOCAR Proceedings

SOCAR Proceedings

The Journal’s official publisher is "OilGasScientificResearchProject" Institute of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR).

SOCAR Proceedings is published from 1930 and is intended for oil and gas industry specialists, post-graduate (students) and scientific workers. 

Journal is indexed in SCOPUS, Russian Scientific Citation Index and abstracted in EI’s Compendex, Petroleum Abstracts (Tulsa), Inspec, Chemical Abstracts database.

Beginning with 2017 journal is indexed and abstracted in Emerging Sources Citation Index. 

"SOCAR Proceeding" is official edition of "OilGasScientificResearchProject" Institute of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) concerning all disciplines and fields relevant to exploration, production, refining, petrochemicals, and the use and economics of petroleum, natural gas, and other sources of energy, in particular alternative energies with a view to sustainable development.

Only articles approved by all the Authors, which have not already been published and which have not been simultaneously submitted for publication in another journal, will be considered by "SOCAR Proceeding".

All submitted articles undergo reviewing and approval by the Editorial Board.

Articles which passed this procedure and received a positive review, are published free of charge. Placement of articles on priority basis (out of turn) is paid, price is agreed.

Authors should submit their articles to the Editorial Board by e mail: (requirements to the articles are presented below)

The term of the article reviewing takes from one to three months since the date of its submission to the Editorial Office. Articles are published in the order of their submission.

Articles that are found appropriate for publishing are placed in the Editorial Office portfolio for publication.

Help us reproduce your articles to the highest possible standards - in both paper and digital formats. Submitting your manuscripts in an electronic format helps us produce your work to the best possible standards, ensuring accuracy, clarity and a high level of detail.

Aims and Scope. "SOCAR Proceeding" is intended for oil and gas industry specialists, post-graduate (students) and scientific workers. Journal considers for publication of high quality original articles not have been published previously on a broad range of topics in the following areas:

  • Oil&Gas fields Geology, Geophysics and Exploration
  • Well Drilling
  • Reservoir&Petroleum Engineering
  • Oil and gas Transportation and Storage
  • Oil and gas Refining. Petrochemistry
  • Oil  and gas field structures (including sea structures, corrosion protection and so on)
  • Oil and gas industry economics
  • Environment protection in oil and gas industry
  • Fundamental scientific investigations having applied sense for oil and gas industry

Language of Manuscript. Manuscripts written in Azeri, Russian or in English are accepted. In the case when the author’s body include foreign scientists, their initials and last names, the name and address of organization are submitted in the original language except for authors from Japan, China, and other countries using non-Latin characters (in this case, the English translation is given).

Manuscript Text. Manuscripts should be supplied in the following format:  - Microsoft Word, 12-point type (Times New Roman), and one-spaced. Manuscripts are not to exceed six (6) pages, plus tables, figures and photographs (see Tables, Figures & Photographs section) for a total of ten (10) pages. Allow margins of at least 2 cm on all sides of the typed pages. Number all manuscript pages consecutively. On the first page, include full names of authors, academic and/or other professional affiliations, and the complete address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address of the author to whom proofs and correspondence should be sent. The title of the article should be followed by the names of all authors and their affiliations. Every paper for publication must be preceded by an abstract and keywords. The use of abbreviations in the title and abstract is strongly discouraged. The main text of the article should begin on the second page of the manuscript. We recommend the use of sectioning in the manuscript (if they are available). All abbreviations and other notations should be defined the first time they are used and should be uniform throughout the manuscript. There should be no ambiguity regarding the positions of the chemical bonds in structural formulas. Units of measurement, abbreviations, and symbols should follow the International System of Units (SI). Numbered formulas should form a new paragraph. Formulas should be enumerated consecutively throughout the manuscript. Only the formulas referred to in the subsequent text are numbered.

Tables, Figures & Photographs. All tables should be numbered (if there are several ones), all columns in the table should be named and divided by lines. Abbreviations are not allowed in the table. Number of tables are not to exceed four or five (4-5). 

Figures should not be larger than 18 × 24 cm and should be executed in an extremely distinct and accurate form. Photographs should not be larger than 6 × 9 cm. Lettering of figures should be marked in accordance with the text. Keep word and number designations on the figure to a minimum. Put the keys to symbols and explanatory notes in the caption. Symbols other than letters and/or numbers, such as circles, triangles, and the like, should not be used in figure captions. All figures and photographs should be embedded in the manuscript text.

We recommends that only DOC, XLS, PPT, TIFF or JPG formats are used for tables, figures and photographs.

When preparing graphic files, please use the following guidelines:

  • For bitmap images, use the JPG, TIF format at 300-dpi resolution, 256 grayscale.
  • Vector images must be submitted in CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop.
  • For photographs, use a JPG, TIF format at no less that 300 dpi. 

The submission of figures and photographs in the electronic version is obligatory.


The list of references is typed on a separate page (or pages). References should be given in the language of the original edition and numbered sequentially. Do not indicate the total number of pages in a book. The number should be placed in line with the text and enclosed in square brackets and should go strictly in the order of citing. Do not cite two or more references under the same number nor the same reference under different numbers. Number of references are not to exceed twenty (20).

References should be listed in the following style:


De Gennes P.G. The Physics of Liquid Crystals. London: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1974.

Combes J.M., Grossman A., Tchamitchian P. Ed. Wavelets: time frequency methods, phase space. N. Y.: Springer: B., 1989.

Journal articles

Shahab Gerami, Mehran Pooladi-Darvish. An Early-Time Model for Drawdown Testing of a Hydrate-Capped Gas Reservoir //SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering. 2009. V.12. №4. 595p.

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E.M.Suleimanov.  Spacer liquid //Patent USSR SU №1352040. 1987

Mohamed Zerhboub. Product and process for acid devirsion in the treatment of subterranean formations //U.S. Patent №5203413. 1993

B.A.Suleimanov etc. Petroleum deposit excavation method //Patent RU №2178067. 2002

Conferences and Symposia

E.G.Aliyeva. Model of HC generation and accumulation applied to prospects of Caspian deep water part //65th EAGE Conference and Exhibition. Stavanger. Norway. -2003.  P.4

Acknowledgments. Acknowledge financial support, advice, or other kinds of assistance at the end of the paper.


Manuscript Submission. 

"SOCAR Proceeding" receives all manuscript submissions electronically via e-mail: Submitting your illustrations, pictures, tables and other artwork in an electronic format helps us produce your work to the best possible standards, ensuring accuracy, clarity and a high level of detail.

In the case when the manuscript will be returned to the authors for alteration, the revised version should be returned to the editorial office within two weeks. If the manuscript is delayed by the authors for over two weeks, it will thereafter be considered by the editorial office to be newly received.

Our address: Azerbaijan Republic, Az1012, Baku, 88A Zardabi ave., “OilGasScientificResearchProject” Institute, "SOCAR Proceedings" Journal editorial office. Phone: (994 12) 521 15 32, E-mail –