SOCAR Proceedings

SOCAR Proceedings

Published by "OilGasScientificResearchProject" Institute of State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR).

SOCAR Proceedings is published from 1930 and is intended for oil and gas industry specialists, post-graduate (students) and scientific workers.

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Q.Zhu, G.Jiang, X.Qi

China University of Petroleum

Experimental study on a novel wettability alteration agent in tight sandstone gas reservoir

This paper introduces a hydrophobic wettability alteration agent named FCS that effectively  eliminates «water blocking» by forming a tight molecular film on the sandstone surface. Wettability alteration experiments show that a tight molecular film forms, making it hydrophobic with a contact angle greater than 90°. The inner wall of a capillary tube after FCS treatment changes from liquidwetting to gas-wetting, and the capillary pressure becomes a positive driving force. Experimental study demonstrates that altering wettability of tight sandstone to produce a hydrophobic surface is a viable method for recovering permeability and eliminating «water blocking».

Keywords: water blocking, wettability alteration, tight gas sandstone reservoir, hydraulic fracturing.

DOI: 10.5510/OGP20150400255


N.H.Ha1,2, H.H.Bui1,2, T.D.Nguyen3, N.S.Le4, N.T.Phan4

1Institute of Environmental Technology
2VNU University of Engineering and Technology
3Vietnam Petroleum Institute

Development of a dual-porosity model for bach ho fractured basement reservoir

This paper describes an approach for development of dual-porosity model of fractured reservoirs by integrating the parameters of relatively well calibrated single-porosity model and other available data. The parameters of dual-porosity model such as porosity and permeability are obtained from splitting procedures of single-porosity model parameters which are considered as the total effective parameters of fractured porous medium. Other parameters of dual-porosity model may be determined by geology, petrophysics, core analysis or theoretical data. In this paper, the application of this approach to «Bach Ho» (White Tiger) fractured basement reservoir (FBR) in Vietnam are presented. Successful history matching results obtained in a long period of time for the reservoir show the advantage of the approach.

Keywords: «Bach Ho», fractured reservoir, matrix, dual-porosity, effective parameters, ECLIPSE.

DOI: 10.5510/OGP20150400256


R.N.Bahtizin1, K.R.Urazakov1, R.R.Rizvanov1, A.G.Komkov2

1Ufa State Petroleum Technological University
2«Gazprom Neft» PJSC

Analysis of calculation methods of allowable brought stress in the pump-rods

The article contains review and analysis of sucker rod selection methods in terms of fatigue criteria as well as their association method. The selection methods are represented by the maximum allowable reduced stress by A.S. Virnovsky and the modified Goodman diagram. On the basis of described association the new calculation method of maximum allowable stress for pump rod, including rods of new constructions has been developed. Instead of long term field tests of a sucker rod pilot batch the method involves only ultimate stress as the rods materials characteristic.

Keywords: sucker rod, limit of endurance, reduced stress by A.S. Virnovsky, the modified Goodman diagram.

DOI: 10.5510/OGP20150400257


A.A.Hajiyev1, E.K.Tolepbergenov2

1«OilGasScientificResearchProject» Institute, SOCAR
2JSC «KazNIPIMunayGaz»

Field tests of new composition for stabilizing weak producing formation

Processing of associated petroleum gas is of great interest, as separated hydrocarbons are a valuable raw material for production of various chemical products. The paper presents results of laboratory tests on preparation of a new grouting composition characterized in that it comprises an extra retarder and light nonferrous metal nanopowder. Laboratory researches have shown that the developed composition is considerably superior to previous compositions due to basic performance (strength, permeability, setting time, etc.). Results of pilot implementation of the proposed composition are presented as well. It has been applied at oil producers №№1133, 2317, OGPU «Oil Rocks». As a result, 704 tons of incremental oil was produced within 6 months.

Keywords: grouting composition, producing sand consolidation, sand production.

DOI: 10.5510/OGP20150400258


N.N.Hamidov1, V.М.Fataliyev2

1«OilGasScientificResearchProject» Institute, SOCAR
2Institute of Geology and Geophysics of ANAS

Influence of solubility of the different composition gases in the hydrocarbon condensate to the production parameters of gas condensate fields

The effect of solubility of the different composition gases in the hydrocarbon condensate to the phase transitions of gas-condensate systems, as well as the influence to the development parameters of the gas condensate fields were studied as a results of experimental researches. The influence of the gas composition on their solubility, the solubility ratio of different composition gases to the evaporation process of retrograde condensate, dew point pressure and amount of recoverable condensate were researched. Here were shown the main causes of retrograde condensate losses in the depletion regime process of the gas-condensate fields. It was mentioned that attention should be paid to the solubility properties of stimulation agent in condensate, during choosing the composition of stimulation agent, which influence on the bottom-hole zone and reservoirs.

Keywords:  retrograde condensate, solubility of gases, gas-condensate system, evaporation of condensate, dew point pressure.

DOI: 10.5510/OGP20150400259


S.A.Vertiagin, A.V.Borodin, E.M.Movsumzade

Ufa State Petroleum Technological University

The step of refinering of petroleum craft gas up to get monomers, polymers and rubbers

Processing of associated petroleum gas is of great interest, as the available hydrocarbons are valuable raw material for the production of various chemical products. This article describes methods for recovering hydrocarbons from petroleum gas, such as absorption, compression, adsorption and low-temperature rectification. In more details here is presented a flow diagram of associated petroleum gas processing at the enterprises of Western Siberia, as well as the separation of broad fraction of light hydrocarbons at the gas fractionation plant.

Keywords: associated petroleum gas, natural gas, main stage of gas processing, separation of broad fraction of light hydrocarbons, liquefied hydrocarbon gas.

DOI: 10.5510/OGP20150400260



«OilGasScientificResearchProject» Institute, SOCAR

On the problem of detailed analysis of capital productivity by well groups

A methodic approach to the detailed analysis of capital productivity by pattern wells of definite oil-gas production board (OGPB) is proposed in the article. the research is conducted in two stages and four sub-stages. The following variants of capital productivity calculation are considered: by technological regime (in whole, by fields, operating fields (areas, parts)) on definite date for a year by OGPB. An analogical analysis is carried out by operation methods as well. The factors, influencing the well capital productivity, are highlighted. onwards, the necessary calculations are conducted by the above-mentioned variants. In definition of capital productivity, it is recommended to use average annual cost of main production stocks by residual cost.

Keywords: methodic approach, pattern wells, fields (areas, parts), capital productivity, main factors, average annual cost of main production stocks by residual and balance cost.

DOI: 10.5510/OGP20150400262




Some aspects of environmental conditions within the coverage of enterprises of «Uzbekneftegaz» NHC

Some aspects and environmental conditions assessment, as well as natural resources utilization in 2014 have been presented based on generalized data on environment statistical reporting of enterprises and organizations. Well construction enterprises, hydrocarbons production, refining and transportation enterprises, construction, oil and gas engineering entities of «Uzbekneftegaz» NHC were subjects of research. As a result, we obtained and analyzed data on the quantity and quality of polluting emissions, effluents, source of waste and their disposal, compensatory payments for the special use of natural resources.

Keywords: environment, ecology, pollutants, oil and gas extraction facility, waste utilization.

DOI: 10.5510/OGP20150400261


V.F.Tretyakov1, A.M.Gyulmaliev1, R.M.Talyshynsky1, A.M.Ilolov1, G.O.Ezinkwo1, A.D.Budnyak1, E.R.Babaev2

1A.V.Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis RAS
2Academician A.M.Guliyev Institute of Сhemistry of Additives ANAS

Quantum chemical analysis of reactions in ethanol-divinyl process

Based on quantum chemical analysis, relying on simulation the kinetics of ethanol conversion process, it was found that the stage of acetaldehyde formation is the slow one in the mechanism of butadiene formation via acetaldehyde. The results allow predicting the improvement of the catalyst system by selecting the active components that inhibit ethylene formation and accelerate the slow stage of the acetaldehyde formation.

Keywords: divinyl, catalysis, quantum chemical analysis, IR-spectroscopy, kinetic model.

DOI: 10.5510/OGP20150400263


I.R.Kuzeev, E.A.Naumkin, A.N.Tepsaev, A.V.Samigullin, V.A.Gafarova

Ufa State Petroleum Technological University

Generation of the response electromagnetic signal in the process of destruction of shell structures

The research is devoted to the problem of preliminary detection of the zone of crack formation under static destruction caused by internal excessive pressure of cylindrical shell. Distribution of continuous magnetic-field vector along the generating line of the cylinder, damping degree and average voltage of electric signal response range were used as the controlling parameters. It was proved that used diagnostic parameters allow predicting the zone of destructing crack formation. Informational content of electric signals is connected with the redistribution of the electron cloud of valence conduction electrons during pore formation process.

Keywords: stress condition, cylindrical shell, continuous magnetic-field vector, response electromagnetic signal, hardness.

DOI: 10.5510/OGP20150400264